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A look at some of the work that Black Dragons has done in the past. If you find the quality of our work to meet the standards you have set for your company, we would love to work with you!

Diamond Muay Thai Landing Page Video

This video was created for the landing page of a Muay Thai gym in downtown Toronto known as Diamond Muay Thai. It has gained over 20K views on youtube and helped bring leads to their website.

Just Saiyan Spec Advertisement

Just Saiyan is a fitness apparel brand that sells apparel related to pop culture. This video showcases one of the pieces on a fitness model as he demonstrates how the end user would look and feel working out with the product.

Night It Up! 2022 Recap

Night It Up! This is one of the largest Asian food festivals in Canada.  From the food, to the events, the live performances, and much more; this video showcases everything a viewer would be excited to experience when attending the festival!

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